Conceptual still life photographer
Dina Belenko
Telling magical stories behind everyday inanimate objects,
writing photo tutorials and shooting conceptual still lifes
and food on commission
Things with stories
I have some sort of catch-phrase to introduce myself:
„My name is Dina and I tell animate stories about inanimate objects".
Every object contains a kind of "folded story" inside itself. Things can tell what they saw, who held them, who accidentally broke them, and who lovingly gathered up the pieces and repaired them. They keep a sense of human presence, something invisible but clear.
I'm trying to find these stories and capture them.
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Conceptual still life collection
I have a growing library of images available for commercial licensing.
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Fine Art Prints
Posters, wrapped canvas, phone cases, tapestry and stuff!
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I'm open to a variety of creative ventures, collaborations
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