Secrets of magical still life
with Dina Belenko
Hi! I'm Dina, conceptual still life photographer, coffee cup illusionist and cookie magician! ^_^
I can tame liquid fire, freeze splashes in motion or make a maze out of chocolate. Or I can teach you how to do all those things!

Here you can find all the secrets of creating magical still life photographs.
Welcome to my world!
Dina Belenko
Photographer and magician
Books with secrets to the craft of unique still life photography!
Still Life Cookbook
E-book with 31 projects to try
This book is essentiallyeverything I know
about still life photography.

It contains 31 photo tutorials exploring different techniques of creating an impactful still life image.

You don't need any fancy equipment!

Join me in this adventure of exploring the easiest (and most fun!) ways to create a unique and exciting photo!
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Still Life Bundle
12 video tutorials
A collection of short video tutorials,
covering a variety of ways to create
a unique still life!

From Safe explosions and
Secret of Liquid Flame to
Creative Flower Photography
and Creatures from Ink and Milk!

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The Ultimate Guide
to Splashes
E-book with secrets of frozen motion
Let's learn how to freeze the motion of flying coffee cups, spilled milk or splashes of tea!
This book (PDF, 67 pages) contains
the technical theory behind creating realistic and exciting splashes as well as practical workshops
where I show you step-by-step
how each photo was created.

No technobabble or unnecessary digressions.
Just necessary theory and step-by-step practice!
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If you have any quiestions don't hesitate so send me an email at

Stay inspired and best of luck!

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